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Importance of Midnight Prayer

Midnight is known to be the most spiritually active period of the day midnight is always a period of intense spiritual activities both by the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. During this period the body immune system is at its lowest, that’s the time when a lot of patients die in hospitals and this is the time when witchcraft is at its peak. Demonic creatures roam about with much anger during this time, also the agents of darkness

The Waiting Period

Ever wondered why God had to feed the Israelites with Manna for 40 years? I found myself in some shithole some time ago and every morning when I wake up, there’s always this fear that grips my heart and I will literally have to pray in the Spirit and confess the Word, then I will be fine. This episode would repeat itself for months! And finally, God showed up and the whole issue was dissolved and victory won! But something strange happened! Every morning, I’d

The Hidden Virtue

When I was leaving London finally in 2013, I shopped a lot for things I knew I would need in Nigeria. This beautiful H&M bag was one of them. At the time, it was quite pricy for me but I felt I would not always come across it and it was worth the investment. I imagined myself going to casual outings and picnics with cute jeans shorts and my lovely portable bag. 1,2,3 and then 4 years went by