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The Waiting Period

//The Waiting Period

Ever wondered why God had to feed the Israelites with Manna for 40 years?

I found myself in some shithole some time ago and every morning when I wake up, there’s always this fear that grips my heart and I will literally have to pray in the Spirit and confess the Word, then I will be fine.
This episode would repeat itself for months!
And finally, God showed up and the whole issue was dissolved and victory won!
But something strange happened!
Every morning, I’d still wake up with fear and anxiety…until I stopped myself in my tracks and told myself the issue has been solved, why do I still feel this way?
The chain had left my hands and is entering my head!!!

Now, from the description of what manna is, it was a tasteless food (or bread)…and when I thought about it, I’m like why would God give them something tasteless??
Well, it’s because He wanted to “reset” their taste-buds!
They were accustomed to the food in Egypt…the food of slavery and hurt and pain; and if they had entered into the Promised Land with that feeling, they would’ve messed it up!
In other to reformat them, a journey that was meant to last 40 days lasted 40 years!

The formatting process!
As a matter of fact, God had to wait till a whole generation was dead before telling them to move on because he didn’t want the paradigm of the new generation corrupted with slavery mentality!
The Older generation witnessed the emotional tortures of slavery and relieving joy of redemption;
The new Generation experienced the fearlessness of victory and the superiority of being a “World Power”; a Threat! to other nations that were against them.
Here it is:
The Bounty God has for you isn’t like anything you’ve seen before, trust me, But you may not be able to enjoy it if you’re still holding on to the weight of the pain that used to be!
Think of the “tasteless zone” as moving from a point of -10 to +10…
You will have to get to Zero, which is a neutral point, before you start to enjoy what newness tastes and feels like.
It’s a process….

First the Manna (Bread),
Then Manna and Quail (meat)
Then the Promised Land!
Many want to move from -10 to +8 in a geefee… Calm down..
It doesn’t work that way!
Enjoy the Manna!

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